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Cheers to being a woman, alcohol and hormones

Cheers to being a woman, alcohol en hormonen

During the holiday season, you want to enjoy a nice glass of wine, and usually not just one. We know the drill.

Just as your body can be disrupted, your menstrual cycle can also be disrupted by too much alcohol.

Alcohol is broken down in the liver, but the liver also plays an important role in processing your hormones. If your liver takes too much time to process alcohol, estrogen will be put on hold and your estrogen will not be able to leave the body properly.

Unfortunately, women are more sensitive to alcohol than men. Sensitivity to alcohol depends on the hormones oestrogen and progesterone. These play an important role in the menstrual cycle. They are present in the body in various quantities during the cycle.

During your period, for example, your female hormones are at their lowest point. This is when you are most like a man hormonally. Does that mean you can handle alcohol better too? Stuff to think about 🤔. I have noticed that my hangovers vary throughout my cycle.

If you drink a lot, it can increase your symptoms (mood swings, acne, cravings, cramps, insomnia). What is a lot? Binge drinking is defined as more than 4 glasses per two hours.

When you drink too much alcohol you lose magnesium. This lowers your blood sugar levels, making you crave unhealthy sweet snacks. It is important to get enough magnesium through food or a supplement because it helps with cramps and headaches.

As mentioned earlier, alcohol increases the level of oestrogen in your body. This can cause you to experience emotions that cannot be fully explained. Think about healthy fats (omega 3) to keep your hormones in balance and mood swings under control.

All your symptoms get worse after a night of drinking here are a few tips before you start the evening:

🥂 Choose alcohol with a low glycemic index, such as champagne, red or white wine.

🥂Never drink on an empty stomach. Provide an aperitif (not too greasy). Avoid fried snacks because they speed up glucose absorption in your liver and you don't want that. Choose guacamole, green olives, cashew nuts, hummus with raw vegetables, toast with salmon or grey shrimps.

🥂 Drink water between each glass of alcohol. If you find water too boring, today there are plenty of options to make fun non-alcoholic cocktails with Gimber, Nona June and Seedlip.

🥂 If you have a glass of alcohol, don't feel guilty and enjoy!

Did you drink a little too much? Here are a few tips to ease your hangover:

😻 Drink a lot: And of course I don't mean alcohol or coffee. The caffeine in coffee will dehydrate you even more. Try to drink a lot of water.

😻Sleep late and have some sex: This is a nice one, isn't it! During sleep, your body recovers faster and when you have sex, your body produces the hormone oxytocin which reduces pain and makes you feel good. Self-pleasure counts too!

😻Eat something: try to start the day with a healthy breakfast, even if all you feel like doing is eating croissants with chocolate. Wholemeal bread and fruit are healthy and safe options, but an egg and avocado are of course the ultimate hangover food and are a source of protein, vitamin B and healthy fats. And drink ginger or green tea to detoxify your body.

😻Exercise + outdoors: exercise helps your body break down alcohol. And fresh air is always good

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