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The menstrual cycle and your sexual needs

De menstruatiecyclus en jouw seksuele behoeftes

Have you noticed? One week you feel super attractive and all excited, and the next week your libido is so low that you don't feel like it at all. Your hormones (oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone) fluctuate continuously throughout your cycle and that means that your libido rises and falls.

But what if your libido is so low that you don't feel like an exciting night at all?

Know that you are not alone. About 70 percent of women sometimes have less of a desire for sex. 

Stress and fatigue play a major role in this, but did you know that your libido is also affected by your menstrual cycle?

Depending on which phase you are in, you feel more or less like sex. If you and your partner know this, you can respond accordingly. 

Let's take a closer look at this. 

The menstrual cycle and your sexual needs:

✨ Follicular phase, the 7 to 10 days after the last day of your period

This is the phase before your ovulation. It is a period of renewal and extra energy. You are often open to new experiences. Maybe you're more in the mood for extended foreplay, or want to try something new.

🥚 Ovulation phase, 3 to 4 days around your ovulation

This is your most sexual phase. You get aroused faster and feel like a woman in your prime. You probably can't get enough of sex. Whether it's in the morning, afternoon or evening! 

Your body knows very well what it is doing. It's because you're at your most fertile right now that you're craving sex. So keep this in mind if you do not want children (yet)!

🧘‍♀️Premenstrual phase, 10 to 14 days after your ovulation, before your period

After your ovulation, there will be a little dip. Perhaps this is why you need a little more self-care. Take a warm bath or have a massage with warm oil.

❣️Menstruation phase, the 3 to 7 days you lose blood

Is your partner a pirate through the red sea? Lucky you, because sex when you are menstruating is supposed to reduce the symptoms of cramps. Worth a try, if you feel like it of course.

Want to boost your libido? Put these aphrodisiacs on your shopping list:

🍫 Dark chocolate

Cacao is packed with magnesium, iron and flavonoid. These minerals and antioxidants ensure good blood flow to your sexual organs, among other things. A good blood circulation is essential for arousal and reaching orgasm.

Dark chocolate also stimulates dopamine in the brain, which is associated with pleasure. Choose chocolate with at least 70% cocoa. 


Eating fresh pineapple is said to make your bodily fluids sweeter, so also down there.... Don't like pineapple? It also applies to mango, banana and dates, plenty of choice!

🍷Red wine

Red wine is not only great for a romantic dinner, it also contains a lot of flavonoids. This antioxidant can also be found in nuts, vegetables and fruit.

 Although it's tempting to knock back a whole bottle together, it's advisable to stick to just one glass. This will keep your hormones in balance and prevent a hangover the day after.


Ginger does not only have a positive effect on your blood circulation, but it also warms and stimulates. Ideal for your sex life! Drink a cup of ginger tea and add a piece of dark chocolate to finish it off.

Supplements that help you increase your libido: 

✔️ Zinc

Zinc is not only good for beautiful skin, making you feel better and more attractive, but it also increases your libido. 

✔️ Magnesium

While zinc helps promote healthy testosterone levels, magnesium keeps testosterone circulating in your bloodstream. Magnesium also has a calming effect in times of stress. Less stress allows for more emotional space, and often leads to more desire for sensual foreplay. 

✔️ Omega-3 helps to improve your mood and regulate your hormones. Two factors that can contribute to a greater desire for sex. 

✔️ Ashwagandha can serve as an aphrodisiac for men and women with a decreased libido. Ashwagandha also regulates the stress system, which could have a positive influence on your sexual appetite, as increased cortisol levels caused by stress are associated with sexual dysfunction.