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I would like to get to know you better!

Ik wil je graag beter leren kennen!

More than 90% of women experience symptoms during their menstrual cycle. Very annoying but especially unnecessary!

If you have come to our website, you are probably one of those women who experience symptoms.

That is why I want to get to know you better. What is your biggest concern?

Your skin? Do you suffer from mood swings? Stress and waking up at night? Do you have an irregular cycle?

I like to find out about it all in a short conversation.

With Guud, we work on our own supplements to improve your cycle and reduce your symptoms. Your input is very valuable and I would like to get to know you better. Schedule a 15 min call with me here.

Why did we start Guud?

When I stopped taking the pill in 2016, I had to wait 8 months for my period.

The reason for this was that my eggs were not big enough to jump which meant that my periods just did not come through.

This is a hormonal disorder known as PCOS. At that time, I did not want to have children, but I associated low fertility with less femininity.

And suddenly I became pregnant. Not planned but very grateful.

After my pregnancy I chose a hormone IUD which not only caused physical but also emotional problems. I suffered from severe mood swings and hormonal acne. Very annoying and completely unnecessary as it turned out.

From that moment on I decided that things had to change. I had the IUD removed and started looking for ways to get to know my body, cycle and hormones better.

It was then that I realised how scattered and unclear the information was. I decided to educate myself about nutrition and fertility and talked to numerous gynaecologists, researchers and coaches.

I am now a nutrition coach and fertility expert myself and understand very well the impact that nutrition and exercise can have on your health.

By adapting my diet and exercise to the rhythm of my menstrual cycle, I learned to accept how my body functions during the different phases of the cycle and how to reduce my symptoms myself.

Today, the symptoms I used to struggle with hardly bother me at all. Now I am back in my feminine power.

I like to share this knowledge and experience via Guud's blog and in the FB group: Discover your inner superwoman.