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The pregnancy test. When is it best to test?

De zwangerschapstest. Wanneer test je best?

Most pregnancy tests look the same. But there is a big difference in tests, and this is mainly in the sensitivity of the test. This is usually not clearly communicated or you have to read the small print in the information leaflet.


Before I go into more detail, let me explain exactly what a pregnancy test detects. 

When you are pregnant, you produce a specific hormone: HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).

This hormone can be detected in urine because it is released as soon as the sperm cell is implanted in the egg. The secretion of HCG also increases rapidly in the early stages of pregnancy.

From when onwards?

Your morning urine usually contains the highest concentration of HCG hormone, which is why it is recommended to do it first thing in the morning. 

An implantation occurs after you have had sex. So after ovulation and when the egg has met the sperm at the right moment to unite.

HCG production starts shortly after the fertilised egg is implanted in the uterine wall. Testing is possible from five days before your period should start. 

Of course this is only possible with a high-sensitivity pregnancy test such as ours (10mlU hcg /ml).Tests with a lower sensitivity (25mlU hcg/ml) are therefore no less good, but should only be used from the moment your period does not start.  

An example

If fertilisation takes place and you have 14mlU hcg/ml in your urine, a pregnancy test with (10mlU hcg/ml) sensitivity will be positive, while a standard pregnancy test of (25mlU hcg/ml) will be negative. 

Therefore, the second test is no less good but it is important when you perform it. If you had tested 2 days later, the second test will also be positive. This is because the HCG values double every other day during the first six weeks of pregnancy. 


  1. It is best to test in the morning.
  2. Do not drink too much water, as this dilutes the result.
  3. With our test you can test 5 days before your menstruation.

Chat with us

Make sure you are well supported and informed. Via our chat support, we are always available to you for any question. 

Please note: women undergoing fertility treatment should always ask their doctor when exactly they should test. A sensitive test can give a false positive result.

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